At Neighbour Care, we make all the effort in order to satisfy you with every order you place with us. It’s important to remember that there may be some of orders that we can’t put through and we have to cancel them at anyhow. The only time we would have to do this is when we have low quantities or limits for the purchase. Not to mention, sometimes we may be out of stock or there may be some issues with the credit and fraud department.

Our team of customer service representatives will always be there to help you if part of your order or even the whole thing has to be cancelled. If by chance your credit card is charged before you receive the order that is getting cancelled, please be reassured that you will get a full refund on your credit card.

Any unpaid orders will be thought of as cancelled. You must call or email our customer care department if you want to cancel any orders. When we receive notice that you would like to cancel, we will put that cancellation through and we will begin the refunding process. We won’t be able to cancel any orders that have already been shipped out by our company. We can ship out items within just 12 hours after you put your order through.